Mesh Integration – Everything You Need to Know

Hair Replacement Solutions At Perfectly Posh Hair Salon, Hungerford

Here at Perfectly Posh, our team understands that hair loss can be very upsetting cause a lack of confidence and affect your self-esteem. 

A discreet mesh integration hair system offers a solution to fine and thinning hair problems. An innovative alternative to wigs, they are created bespoke to you to ensure we meet all your requirements, each system being made according to your own particular situation.

This is a semi-permanent hair replacement system and is suited to those suffering from Alopecia, Female Pattern Baldness, Trichotillomania (hair pulling), Traumatic Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium plus many more common hair loss issues. 

Mesh Integration at Perfectly Posh Hair Salon, Hungerford
Mesh Integration at Perfectly Posh Hair Salon, Hungerford
Mesh Integration at Perfectly Posh Hair Salon, Hungerford

How Does It Work?

This non-invasive procedure involves placing a thin mesh around the scalp to help protect your natural strands. It is held in place using a locking technique to secure the mesh to your head.

The mesh is a very fine material that creates a barrier between the scalp and your natural hair as well as creating a barrier between your scalp and the extensions. This helps to protect fragile strands as well as the scalp from damage. Your own hair, (even when thin and sparse), is delicately pulled through the mesh, which, when finished, will create the illusion of your scalp. The size of the mesh will depend on the sebverity of hair loss and around 3 inches of hair is needed. When fitted correctly, the mesh integration hair extensions are not be visible.

The mesh can be worn continuously for up to 12 weeks before needing maintenance and delivers instant beautiful results. It is secured to the natural hair and scalp without any tension being applied. They are fully breathable, and hypoallergenic allowing natural hair growth underneath the mesh. Better yet, they are comfortable to wear, can be styled, washed, and treated however you choose and look completely natural. You can continue your daily routine as normal, that includes going to the gym or swimming without any problems. 

depending on the severity of hair loss. The system can be as big or as small as needed. The system can only be used in hair longer than 3 inches and a minimum of 30% natural hair coverage.

Cost Of Mesh Hair Systems

The exact cost of your hair integration system will be given during your consultation once your fully trained hair and scalp specialist has analysed your hair.

It is important to schedule regular maintenance appointments to readjust the system. Your stylist will discuss this with you during your consulta 

Hair Mesh Integration Hungerford

Your first step is to book a consultation at Perfectly Posh hair loss clinic in Hungerford. We will then discuss various topics such as family history, health, nutrition, lifestyle, diet, stress levels, medication and other factors that you feel could be a cause. Your hair loss expert will then come up with a treatment plan to best suit your particular hair concern.

We also cater to those looking for professional hair extension services.

Please call our friendly reception team on 01488 686465 or book online.


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