Why choose Ombre, Balayage or Dip Dye?

Why choose Ombre, Balayage or Dip Dye?


What are these I hear you ask, well these are colouring techniques used to create different colouring affects.

Now I want to share with you all the difference between them. So many of our clients don’t understand what they are and with these techniques your stylist can create some gorgeous styles and you can see why they are still so popular and still going strong…..

OMBRE:  This is where your hair colour will go from dark roots and gradually get lighter to your ends. I love this technique and have experimented lots with different tones….      Some being really dark roots to really light ends and others a little more subtle. Whats great about this trend is the fact it doesn’t matter if you cant maintain it, you only have the lighter colour on your ends.

Ombre is a French term meaning ‘SHADED’ .


BALAYAGE:  Balayage is slightly different to Ombre due to this being a HI LIGHTING technique where as the Ombre and Dip Dye effect are both a colouring technique. Balayage is not like normal Hi Lighting as we don’t use foils or meche as its a free hand technique that creates the Hi lights.

How we do this is by picking up are pieces of hair and very softly apply colour from roots to tips. Now in order for this to not look like a big streaky mess we skim over the roots section with colour not saturating it in colour till we reach the ends. Balayage is to look soft and natural and more like sun kissed hi lights that again you can leave and is easy to maintain.

Balayage is the French word that means ‘ TO SWEEP ‘


DIP DYE: Last but not least this technique seems to be the most popular for all the bright colours on the tips of your hair! Where as with Ombre and Balayage there more subtle looking affects, going from dark to light. Dip Dye is more sharper and noticeable. We have done pink, purple, red and even orange in the salon. This technique seems to be more of the favorite out of our Clients but I personally love the Ombre and Balayage more my self.

So hopefully that’s cleared up a few techniques for you and you have a better understanding of what each one does and the effects it can give you on your hair.

Krysia x

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