Foilayage Vs Balayage at Perfectly Posh Hairdressers, Hungerford

Balayage continues to be a top trending colouring technique and it keeps ever changing however, there is a new kid on the block that is bringing a new lease of life to brunettes red heads and blondes! Foilayage is a new creative hair application technique that creates natural looking blonde streaks and soft regrowth lines. It differs from balayage as hair is placed in a foil to achieve the ultimate hair lift rather than being left to airdry. You can also opt for a combination of foils and balayage to achieve a personalised, sun-kissed, multi-dimensional colour.

You may have heard foliayage called money piece highlights, or face frame colour as they are often placed around the front hairline to frame the face and define your features beautifully. 

If you want to see quick results, and have a low maintenance hair colour, then this is a great colour service for you! This colour looks just as fantastic grown out as it does freshly done in the salon! We recommend a touch-up anywhere between 8-10 weeks.

For foilayage inspiration and hair ideas check out our Instagram page which is packed full of our latest beautiful creations.

Please note: if you are new to hair colour with us, please book in for a skin test 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

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Rich Chocolate Foilayage

If you have brunette hair colour and are looking to add some lighter blonde streaks then foilayage is perfect for you. Glossy brunette tones, hazelnut shades and caramel brown hues work perfectly. 

In our Aveda hair salon in Berkshire, we offer a variety of specialist hair treatments including customised Aveda Botanical Hair Therapy Treatments. So, if your hair needs a little TLC we can help restore the condition of your locks making them healthy and glossy once more.

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Blonde Foilayage

Foliayage highlights are often a light blonde colour and applied to the hair in V shapes to ensure a natural root effect which doesn’t have an obvious regrowth line as it grows out. 

Platinum blonde, silver grey and ice white hair colours are all popular choices.

Wondering which one would look best on you? Please book a colour consultation with one of our expert stylists. We are Aveda colour specialists in our Hungerford and are confident we can deliver a look you’ll fall in love with. We will take the time to discuss colour choices based on your skin tone, maintenance, your budget, and above all give you realistic expectations on what can be achieved.

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Rooted Blonde Hair Colour

For the perfect blonde hue then why not try a rooted blonde colour? Also known as smoked-out roots, this modern look offers a low upkeep and is perfect for those wishing to ditch a full head blonde hair colour. Blonde hair with dark roots creates a natural look. Your Perfectly Posh colourist will skillfully create a seamless blend of multi-tonal highlights to create the same effect as if you have been kissed by the sun!

Foilayage Vs Balayage at Perfectly Posh Hairdressers, Hungerford

Who Are The Hair Colour Specialists Near Me?

We recommend booking in for a complimentary colour consultation with one of our team prior to your colour service. Here they will discuss the hair colouring application methods we use and advise on which shades and tones will suit your skin tone and personal style. They will happily guide you through the colour techniques and options available to ensure you leave the salon with your dream hair colour. 

Book Your Foilayage Hair Appointment At Hungerford’s Top Hairdressers – Perfectly Posh

If you are looking for a new & exciting way to liven up your existing hair colour then foilayage may be just what you’ve been looking for. We love getting creative with hair colour! To book a consultation or your next hair appointment at Perfectly Posh Hair Salon in Hungerford, please call 01488 686465 or book online.

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